The Amezcua Family

THE AMEZCUA FAMILY | Marching Together


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Today, the second and third generations of the Amezcua family continue to be involved in labor and social struggles.

Amalia, with her brother Tony, talks about the way the UFW legacy shaped their present: “I think it showed us how to fight for our rights and showed us how unions are important. I work for the Greenfield union school district and I’m the vice president of the CSEA, of our union, for our school. I’ve attended the conventions for our union in Las Vegas already twice. My brother Tony has gone twice. My other sister has gone once. We all work at the school. I think it showed us how to fight for our rights. Honesty, and bravery, and know your rights. Cause there’s people who fight for their rights, but they don’t know their rights. They’re fighting, and they don’t know if they’re fighting for something they should be fighting for. I remember Cesar saying,

‘We’ve got to fight the fight. We have to know what we’re fighting for. We have to fight for our rights. We can’t just fight. Fight is not going to get you nowhere.’

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