San Lucas


With the Virgen of Guadalupe Leading the Way

Each day, Chavez walked between ten and twenty miles, and then was driven back and forth to rest stops and overnight stays at missions or supporters’ homes. Just as he had done in his first famous pilgrimage from Delano to Sacramento in 1966, Chavez marched behind the banner of the Virgen of Guadalupe, the patron saint and most important cultural icon for Mexicans.
As he worked his way north through the Salinas Valley, the crowds grew larger each day, buoyed by the workers from Salinas who came down each day and helped pull others out of the fields as the march passed by.

On July 28, the marchers reached San Lucas, where Chavez held the first evening rally in the Salinas Valley, in a small wooded grove on a makeshift stage.

The next morning, the marchers set off again, heading for King City.


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