“You are creating a campaign, a movement, a consciousness.”

The next morning, the caminata headed for Greenfield, about 12 miles away, north on Highway 101.

After 29 days and 465 miles, they entered the city and were greeted by mariachis.

Chavez addressed another large audience that night: “The sixth of June this year, there was a miracle in California. On that day, Governor Brown signed this law. It’s a unique law. The farmworkers’ law. The law gives us hope for a brighter future for ourselves, and many benefits. Brothers and sisters, the time is now! You are creating a campaign, a movement, a consciousness.”

But they must work to make the law meaningful, he warned: “The law, then, can be used as a tool. Because the law is not enshrined on a piece of paper. For it to have life, for it to be worth something, for it to mean something, you have to use it. You have to deal with it. If not, nothing will work.”

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