“Today we come where many of our brothers have died.”

The caminata was just ten miles from Salinas when they stopped again to mark another infamous tragedy. At noon, more than a hundred workers celebrated mass outside of Chualar, near the spot where an unsafe makeshift bus collided with a freight train in 1963 and killed 32 braceros, Mexican guest workers.

A priest from Alabama who had been accompanying the marchers said mass near the spot of the gruesome crash:

Today we come where many of our brothers have died. They have shed their blood so that we can be free. And all farmworkers in California and throughout the country and throughout the world can be free. Many people have shed their blood. We come now with our leader, Cesar Chavez, a new Moses for his people, asking God to continue to bless us and love us and care for us.

Then the marchers resumed their festive air, as they neared the big celebration planned for Salinas.


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