Camp Roberts



Always Organizing

The weather had turned warm, and by noon the temperature topped 100 degrees. The marchers stopped for a rest at Camp Roberts, a former Army training center just off Highway 101. Chavez was always using his time to organize – whether he was in motion or sitting still. He posed for photos with groups of workers from each of the ranches — the hand sewn banners forming a good backdrop. Then he rested his sore feet while meeting with a group of aides and farmworker leaders. And then he delivered a short speech, which turned into a news event.

An aide handed him a slip of paper – Gov. Jerry Brown had just appointed the first members of the Agricultural Labor Relations Board, which would administer the new law. Fresno Bishop Roger Mahony would chair the board, Chavez announced. The board would be critical in determining how the law was applied

  • “It’s very important that each company has a banner, so that it’s very clear the extent of strength in the valley.”


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